International Students & Covid 19

International Students are facing a lot of problems because of Covid-19. They might not have imagined that they will struggle financially, mentally, and physically and get stuck at an international place distant from their loved ones and their homeland.

Situation is getting worse for international students because of Covid-19. Especially for Nepali students who went to Australia, U.K, or Canada and are now stuck because of travel restrictions. Also those who were on holidays are now unable to get back to continue their studies. Although some institutions are offering distant learning but students are still facing many problems.

Students stuck abroad                               

  • Local students are blessed in a way that they know how to resolve minor issues in this pandemic such as shopping from online grocery apps but international students have different priorities and different problems. At this time, they are missing their loved ones and feeling desperate to get help from someone.
  • Students who lack their personal transports are unable to travel because of closure of local transport.
  • All local and international flights have been called off leaving them stuck out of their homes.
  • Universities are closed because of which students are facing residency problems. Although some universities are kind enough that they are allowing international students to stay at universities. Besides that, they are also providing them with other necessities such as grocery.
  • Students who came abroad with a tight budget are now facing financial issues. Mostly students have lost their jobs and are unable to pay their rents and bills.
  • Many students have become illegal immigrants as a result of this panic and chaos. They can neither go back, not continue their studies as a result of financial burdens and fears of failure in this society.
  • There is a sudden jump in mental health problems in international students.
  • Students are struggling with anxiety& depression.
  • Students feel so much isolated. Even those who call themselves anti-social is desperately craving social interactions and gatherings.
  • Those who got themselves infected by covid-19 are completely alone. Stuck at international place and infected by a disease, is something very heartbreaking in these worst times where you need someone to take care of you.

Students who were on holidays

  • Students who were on holidays are unable to go back because flights are closed. International students are not allowed to travel back. Students on holidays are now stuck and unable to go back in order to complete their studies.
  • Some institutions are still offering online learning but subjects such different subjects need practical on field knowledge which cannot be gained without face-to-face learning. In addition to this, students are facing a lot of problems in online studies as well. Some students have lost their important exams because of unstable internet connections.
  • Some universities have limited access to their networks and do not offer access internationally because of which international students are suffering by every means.


Lives of International students have become miserable because of Covid-19. Students are unable to visit their homes and those who are on holidays are unable to continue their studies. However, some institutions are still offering online studies but students but disrupted internet connections and no access to learning websites are creating hurdles.

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