About us 

We are an educational consulting company based in Nepal that process students’ visas from Nepal to UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, the USA, and New Zealand. We have offices or associates in these countries to help our students if they face any difficulty while studying there. Along with processing visas, we also help them in IELTS preparation and university admission. We started small but gradually with our best and trusted services we got enormous success and fame. We have hundreds of success stories of our satisfied clients that gain confidence through us and take a step forward in achieving their dream of going abroad for higher studies. 


  • Offices not just in Nepal but also in UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, USA & New Zealand 
  • That help students resolve issues that they encounter during their studies abroad. 
  • Assists in changing institutes legally. 
  • Authentic agent of several well-reputed international colleges and universities 
  • A reputed history of more than a decade 


  • We are establishing a trusted relationship between educational providers and students. 
  • According to their subjects, we serve the students with high-quality international education and guide them to choose the best global educational institutes. 
  • Guiding the students to choose the subjects that have a high earning scope. 
  • Serving the nation by running an educational consultancy that eradicates 9unemployment by helping students get the best education. 
  • Proving quality services to education providers and students. 
  • Minimizing a gap between students and international institutions. 
  • To give truthful information and advice to the students after knowing their educational background and personal preferences. 
  • Strict implementations of legal rules& regulations. 

Mission and Vision 

  • To become one of the best international educational consulting company in Nepal and worldwide. 
  • To help educational institutes and students both by referring students to our best affiliate colleges/universities. 
  • To help the Nepali students get the world best education in international institutes to come back and serve their homeland Nepal. 
  • To help the students gain their maximum potential. 
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